Monday, March 14, 2011

Handloom as Fashion Trend - A Growing Global Market for Hand Made Fabrics

We take the help of technology to reduce human efforts. It helps us in producing enough of goods to meet the demand. But, for increasing profit and businesses have started over using the technology. This has a two-way effect to human being and also mother earth. It puts an adverse effect on the environment by polluting with its industrial waste. Also, reduces human involvement and thereby increase unemployment. I don't want to sound anti-industrialization. But, when it comes to preserving the environment, there is a lot of things that need some serious thought.

The fashion trend is agile and ever changing. But some fashion trend hardly change. One such thing is fashion derived from handloom fabrics. Handloom is deep rooted and connected to our culture and tradition. We often see textile and fashion designers take inspiration from artistic handloom designs. In India, we find many textures of handloom fabrics with unique texture. But it is only limited t saris and fabrics. There are very few fashion designers who try to take this to the next level. So, it does not get that mileage that it deserves to get. With the current socio-economic environment, there is a lot of potential in handloom sector. The only thing missing is the need to give creative input in the form of silhouettes that attracts the western world. I urge fashion designers and brands to add value to our rich handloom sector with their creativity. This is possible and needs a little push with little creativity and marketing.

Using the handloom fabrics from various parts of India we can design and develop western outfit that may appeal the customers from US and European market. This may open up a lot of doors for our handloom weavers and improve the socio-economic status. I personally feel that the styles designed and produced using handloom fabric have a lot of potential business wise. There is also a feel good factor as you are contributing to the weaver's society. Also, you are taking an active part in reducing environment pollution by using organic handloom made garments.

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