Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Manipur Handloom - Custom Fit Garments

Fashion Studio Urban Purple has been keen to explore the Handloom of various part of India since early 2006. During its exploration we went to the remote area of Manipur and Nagaland where we find the most beautiful craft of Handloom fabric from the looms of the handloom weavers.

Handloom and Cottage Industry of Manipur is ignored as much as the place itself is in India. They belongs to the same 7 sisters States which are being deprived and almost cut-off from the main land of India.  In this section I am writing my experience in working with people of Manipur. Working with people who work on ground level is always been an exiting experience and over a period of time this has become passion to work with them and work with them closely. My Designer Label "Paromita Das" is always inclined towards Hand-loom of different parts in India. This is another string of my inclination towards Manipur hand loom and working with modern fashion trend. The creation fits the current fashion and the silhouette would fit for all occasions. Pleats and Frills embellished with fabric flowers enhance the look of the dress. Short dresses always lead the trend! You can find your ideal cocktail and prom dresses in every party. The collection is designed to suit fashion forward people who like to wear dress that they can carry on quite often and fit the bill for all occasion.


Fashion Studio Urban Purple got opportunity to visit many places as independent and Freelance Fashion Designer and Consultant. I visited Manipur to consult and learn the use of Manipuri Fabric for modern outfits. There I found the fabrics with fabulous colors, texture also quite Eco friendly and fashionable which can be used for modern cocktail dress and gowns. So the couple of designs which I have incorporated are mainly keeping in mind the handloom fabrics of Manipur. I found these materials have great potential for making dresses which are quite suitable for summer since they are 100% cotton and at the same time give attractive and trendy look if presented properly.

Show Stopper Trupti

Manipur Hand loom Fabric and its Inception:

The traditional skill of hand-loom weaving is a matter of status symbol the women folk in the state, also is an indispensable aspect of their socioeconomic status. This is a share of 27.04% of the total weaver‘s population in Manipur. Notable feature of Manipur Hand-loom industry is entire workforce is women. The women are found to be involved in weaving, dyeing, bleaching and trading of finished products and yarn. Apart from cultivation and agriculture, handloom weaving provides the highest employment to women folk of Manipur. This is a natural cluster of handloom it owes it origin to the inherent need of the people of Manipur.

Their Limitations:

In Spite Manipur Handloom is most important cottage industry in the state. Around 40% of weavers are idle partially for (a) Presuming that bulk production would not find market.(b) Lack of modern improved design techniques and market awareness. Promoting them in Domestic and International market to provide them work and some extra income and keep them up in the main stream. As an independent and freelance fashion designer a small effort from my end to create awareness of this elegant traditional art of weaving our country stores in it and is slowly diminishing.

Western Outfit on Handloom Fabric
European Design on Hand-loom Fabric

Support Strings for Making This Collection Successful:

Our special Thanks to Mr. P. Sachitananda Co- owner of Span Inc for his immense support through the collection presentation and back-end support in terms of stitching and processing of the collection. Span Inc sister concern of Palyam Textile Processors established in 1971 and has versatile fabric process house and leading in processing fine fabrics for exports and domestic industry. Also Span Inc has span of Manufacturing and Exporting woven and knitted fashion garments. Span Inc has full range of Apparel Cut and Sew service. Span Inc is also supply all qualities of Fabrics and distributor of Cotton Lenin yarn fabrics.

Manipuri Hand-Loom Fabric
Weaver Weaving Manipuri Fabric

Miss. Trupthi is a Model, Fashion Choreographer, Dancer and Actress and most prominent personality of Kannada Film Industry. She has been my support since I started my fashion shows and has done many notable shows and modeled for many television shows among with me is the show on Zoom TV a national channel broadcast-ed across

Fashion Designer Paromita and Show Stopper - Trupthi


  1. It’s rare to see people working on such a niche sector specially while in the business of Fashion and showbiz. It needs a great deal of courage and dedication. This I would say is one of the most interesting and encouraging effort that Paromita has done. Wish you all success and would love to keep seeing more and more work from your end. I would appeal people to support you from all over world and join hand on your venture.
    My Best Regards

  2. As a Fashion Designer myself , I have rarely seen people who would like to promote the root to the core. Really appreciate your efforts Paromita.You definitely deserve the best what you should and what you could get in your life. God Bless you.

  3. This is an extra ordinary effort that Paromita has shown as a Fashion Designer. This is quite an optimistic approach to the world of fashion and you have put a great step ahead towards it. What I liked the most here is the social development part of it. You being a Freelance Fashion Designer have done great job and i wish other strings will soon join you. I wish you all the best.

  4. Are you taking up independent projects?Means Are you Freelance Fashion Designer?I have gone through your profile and other links and it seems you are also taking up projects for different fashion brands.Your Fashion Designer profile is quite impressive I must say.Can we have a detailed discussion of the projects.I have just sent a mail to you please have a look and let me know your availability.

  5. Its always a pleasure to wear Paromita's designs . Her dresses makes me feel special every single time . I wish All The Very Best , nothing less than Success shall you achieve :) God Bless