Monday, August 31, 2015

Organic Cotton & Moder Fashion Trend - Clothing Designer

Going Back to Nature May Save Our Mother Earth.

Pollution Control is the most important and priority of the world these days and almost every country is trying to curb pollution some way or other.  Food Shelter and Clothing is our basic necessities and to produce them we hurt our world in many ways. One of the way is to produce synthetic clothing that not only hurts our world but also us. Most of the sportswear companies are now using Polyester, Nylon and other synthetic garments and contribute to the pollution. Now what is the solution?

The Solution lies in our mother earth itself and it gives numerous avenues. Going back to the old era Cotton Handloom, Silk and Jute and Linen are quite attractive harvests which can be used as an alternative to Poly based clothing. As a Fashion Designer and Garment Manufacturer i always advise my clients who want to produce organic clothing.

One of the Leading apparel brand from USA now using purely organic materials to produce their garments and they are really appreciated and have great value to their products. Clothing Designer and Garment Manufacturers producing the Garments are also benefited. More importantly the farmers who almost stopped producing organic raw materials are now getting back to it. This is a good sign and I hope things will change and we can see a better and less polluted world going forward.

My Inspiration comes from various things in my life and trying to do good work each day for different brands is an inspiration itself. Cloting Designer and owner of Urban Purple fashion studio. The fashion industry has always enjoyed a casual decadence but a growing global concience has hed a new sense of responsibility that lies in making something productive for a cause and being satisfied. People around the world always facinated by the infanite number of possiblilties of clothing as a wearable form of art.However , never put their thought which brings about an income potential for cottage inustry around the world.

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  1. Very nice Post and Loved it . its Quite informative and very helpful for those who are starting their organic clothing brand. As Clothing Designer You have done great job.