Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Custom Clothing - Use of Cotton Handloom

You feel special when you get a designer clothing unique and exclusive for your wardrobe. And more special if the money you spent goes for a good cause. The designer dresses which bring rural hand loom weavers an income potential. Fashion Studio Urban Purple with Supezas presents the Concept of Custom Clothing for Woman’s where you design your own dress and we produce for you using the best hand weaved Organic Cotton fabrics. Personalized Clothing is one of the happening concept and most fashion conscious and health conscious women today desires. Custom fit clothing or the Boutique Concept comes to picture when your order comes to you as a personalized dress only for you.

Fashion Flat Designer
Sketch of the Gown

Being technical clothing designer and professional commitments and busy work schedule pull us back. However, my leisure times spent on clothing design that brings about some value addition to the weavers community. I grab any opportunity as a fashion designer to help the weaving community and choose to get involved and design cloths as per their textile motifs. The motivation for my fashion studio is to give them platform to showcase hand-loom creation in fashion market worldwide. I have tried to give a different concept to organic cotton evening gown using Bengal Jamdani and Tripura hand-loom fabrics. The acceptance of this fashion concept helps keep their traditional weaving style alive and provide adequate wages to weavers.

I have tried to depict the scope of designer dresses on handloom fabric without compromising glamour and elegance look. Organic cotton died with vegetable die makes it environment friendly and thereby there is no side effects if you wear it for a longer time at any place and any occasion. I have used traditional hand weaved Jamdani cotton with golden thin lurex border. Weaved with all over Jamdani Buti to give a rich look to the fabric. I have taken the tribal hand loom of Tripura with vertical and horizontal stripes with scattered embroidery in different colors for waist band.To give a feminine look I have used bitten Zardosi and crystal embroidery panel as a strap and crystal brooch at the overlap lair. Also have used Mercerized cotton yarn for the waistband tassel and Concealed zipper to give shape and fit.

People Behind the Work :

The Weavers of Basudebpur Shilpa Samiti put their outstanding effort and produce Hand-loom Saris and Fabrics.Their Creativity and optimism to take up any design gives encouragement to think something innovative.. The Weavers are capable to put forth any kind of geometrical designs to a live fabric or sari within no time. This village is near Medinipur West Bengal with population of 400 and 67 families of Tant Weavers having average family annual income of Rs.6685.With Improper communication and minimal Govt Hand-loom Weaving is decreasing rapidly.Feel proud that the dress that I am wearing is giving some people smile in their face and helping weavers who seek the most needed attention. Through my designs I am trying to reach those people who can be of help to them. I feel success if I get to help one of them. We want the Organic Product but the means these products are being produced and how ethical the producers are not taken in to consideration. What they want is the end product. The main purpose is to make the best use of organic cotton and hand weaved fabric and also makes use of the talent who deserves the due recognition for their hard work.

Paromita Das ( Freelance Fashion Designer)

      Born and Brought up in Agartala Tripura, and studied Fashion in NIFT Kolkata and settled in Bangalore. Started as a Freelance Fashion Designer and Tech Pack Designer Paromita has sailed a long way for the ultimate aim to become the proud daughter of Tripura and trying herself to become one of the preferred designer. Currently Owner and Designer of URBAN PURPLE Fashion Studio an Integrated Fashion Design Studio and Apparel Manufacturing Unit based out in Bangalore. Also Urban Purple has its own Clothing Line for Men’s wear and Ladies Wear Clothing. Paromita Das Technical Designer and Owner of Urban Purple  Fashion Studio with its In House Garment Manufacturing Unit provides its  Customers all in One Solution to New and Up Coming Apparel and Clothing Brands and Private Clothing Line Sheet owners and facilitates with Fashion  Design Service, Tech Sheet Design, Sample Development and Apparel Production under one Roof. Urban Purple Fashion Studio handling various clients in USA and Canada and work with them as Creative Design Partner and Consultant and Technical Design Firm facilitating Garment Tech Sheet and Size Specs, Designer Clothing Consultation, Apparel, Tech Pack Design.


  1. Great Design madam.... Nice one..

  2. Hi Pari,

    Its a great design!! The color combo is superb!! Its chic, yet ethnic!! Keep up the good work. Ram.

  3. its simply an outstanding piece of work. very gorgeous. i think the gown u have designed is a perfect evening gown which is carrying unique combination

  4. Excellent. The dress is so gorgeous that if I am woman, I would like to try now!

  5. Bravo Paro,my sis.....Really cool concept and design!!
    The concept is fab...
    Bengal Jamdani fabric is ethnic..
    Keep it up my dear sis...
    Best of luck..

    With luc and best wishes,

  6. Why don't you have a presentation on Sari ??

  7. Hi Paromita,
    I am not very great with fashion. But your design caught my eyes..even before I went through the blog.
    And after reading the blog, though I have had no idea of garments I got some.
    You have taken Indian garment to another level. Kudos to u lady..hope to see some new stuff more often from you.
    Hope I see this design being a success...and feel proud for being friends with the lady behind it!

    luv 'n' luk

  8. The design is really cool...

    the Bengal Jamdani and Tripura tribal fusion is really good. The main color of the gown reflects the mood of EVENING. You got it very right. Hey by the way how much that cost????

    hope that is affordable.... ha ha ha ha ha

    Manas Mishra
    Inustrial Designer

  9. hey Paromita
    The Fusion is really eye catching..its a gr8 job done..m sure dis would sell well in foreign markets .Keep up the good work.Hope we can work together sometime in future.tkcr.
    Maanas Bhatia

  10. It was crystal clear to all of us that she is the great designer that we had been searching for....:) keep it up.

  11. Nice gown dear.. awesome design,very innovative idea...keep up the good work and all the very best for your future..I am sure this design is going to be a huge it..

  12. Dear Paro,
    though I am not a true fashionable person to give a comment on your great work...
    in my opinion .. based on Bengali Fabric with suitable use of other indian finishing touches, your work is going to make a huge bang...
    like to see more work from you...

  13. Awesome design....this shows your creativity.
    Looks so royal.
    grt work....keep it up......

  14. Hey

    Really excellent design ....gr8 work. keep it up

  15. This is a great design. A mixture of Global with Regional feelings. I think this type of job can shape you a global look.

  16. This is a very good design with ethnic feelings. Hope this type of design will give you a global achievement.

  17. nice yaar.good design,keep it up.

  18. Pari , All that I can say is I am glad to have modeled for this fantabulous piece of work .... I hope I have carried off the style you wanted to portray of it :-)

  19. Great job!!!I really liked the concept which is really a unique piece of creation.I wish you the best!!!


  20. Its really great that you are supporting traditional weavers with your work and giving them a platform for some increased recognition. Well done.

  21. Hi Paromita,

    Amazing work... very pretty..

  22. HI promita,very interesting work as im also quite inclines towards latest fashion trends..

  23. hey! I liked the dress a lot....Really great design and color combination.

  24. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  25. Known paro for more than 3yrs and her work has really evolved though time. Her maturity in the design reflects her experience. She is really doing a great job and will surely acheive her goal.

    Congrats Pari..this is truely amazing work!! :) All the best for our future..

  26. What an exquisite piece, darling! Great work!


  27. Very Great Work! Can't wait to work with you!

  28. Hi Paromita,

    Here I merely express my appreciation for such a talent. Your purpose of getting the hardworking people behind every beautiful design to spot light is marvelous.

    Keep Rocking!!

  29. Very great job. I really like it. I will share with my friends

  30. Paromita really liked the idea the way u designed Tripura tribal hand weaved cloth Its very gud.Please continue ur great work and promote our state

  31. Awesome work Paromita
    keep it up
    All the very best ..... :)


  33. Great post!
    You have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other on gfc? :)


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  36. hai paromita I like saris Very beautiful dress.

  37. I really like the concepts of custom clothing with use of cotton handloom, the dress looks too pretty on her, keep updating more about fashion designing.