Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Custom-Fit Clothing on Handloom Fabric

Era of Custom Fit Clothing - Organic Hand-loom Outfit From Mangalagiri

We’re very excited to introduce you to Fashion Studio Urban Purple, a unique Designer Fashion Studio and Clothing Production Unit under one roof, based out of Bangalore (INDIA) in the growing fashion-tech space. Urban Purple is a platform that connects and assists start up and growing clothing brands and private fashion label with their unique clothing design and technical package design requirements. At the same time Fashion Studio Urban Purple along with collaboration with Supezas, works on customized clothing which is made to order.

What is Supezas?

At Supezas, Nothing is mass-produced; all items are created by independent clothing designers specialized in handmade and one-of-a-kind apparel. Best of all, the designs you see on the site can be customized to fit your style and your size. Check Out how your Personalized Clothing works. Is custom clothing only an option for the very wealthy or for celebrities? Not anymore! Supezas allows you to directly collaborate with clothing designers, using their platform, to create unique custom designs to suit your personality with custom-fit to give that perfect fit to your body. You can even customize and choose how that design should be put into life, such as fabric from the vast collection, color of the fabric, and even buttons or how the waist band should be. Supezas gives you opportunity to design your own clothing and facilitates your designs come to life the way you choose and the way you want rather than settling for the cookie-cutter clothing available in stores or even other online stores for that matter.

What's Unique About Supezas? 

So how is Supezas different from all of the other fashion and e-commerce companies out there? Here are four reasons to check it out.

1. It’s Custom Clothing – For Everyone! 

Think that custom clothing is only an option for the very wealthy and/or for celebrities? Not anymore! Supezas allows you to directly collaborate with designers to customize clothing designs to your personality, custom-fit to your body and life style and most importantly your own choice. This would be 100% Personalized Clothing which you can even customize further by choosing a fabric of your choice, a color of your preference, and style as per what you would like.

2. It’s an Online Marketplace – Without the Clutter 

Our site is strictly Clothing-focused, so you can discover great indie finds without wading through pages of arts and crafts. If you’re a fashionista, stay on top of the very latest in indie fashion by checking out our featured designs and browsing our most recent listings.

3. It Builds Relationships – With True Collaboration 

Work on unique and custom-fitted apparel which best suits your needs. You can build a relationship with us and collaborate with us on all of your clothing needs that make you unique, to suit your requirement at every possible occasion. At the same time by having relationship with Supezas you are creating livelihoods for thousands of weavers who are engaged in keeping the age old profession of hand weaving alive. Thirdly since the products are done on natural and organic extracts you are extending your hand in keeping the nature preserved. With all these It’s a win-win!

4. At Supezas, you are treated as you 

It is not just clothing that you get at Supezas, but you will be living through an experience, an experience which you never had before. You will be pampered by means of your clothing. Every style detail and even a stitch in the garment is paid close attention to make sure that it fits your personality, your style and just basically to suit YOU. It's Supezas guarantee that you will be pampered by means of your clothing. Think of it as your luxurious clothing spa.

So How Do I Get Involved? 

Welcome to the world of customization at and Let Your Imagination Fly. Have thoughts how to improve the site? Want to discuss the site further? Suggestions? Questions? Contact us at any time. We would love to hear from you!

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