Saturday, October 8, 2011

Orissa Handloom

Hi Readers hope you are enjoying my posts. This is Paromita Das - Owner Fashion Studio Urban Purple - I am presenting the fragrance of Orissa which gives insight to the Hand-loom of Orissa. This time I have came up with the Hand-loom fabric of Orissa as this is my second Home State. For Fashion Designers worldwide the Hand loom of Orissa gives inspiration with its rich cultural heritage rich fabric and sari. However, to cope up with the current trend and modern women’s need the designers should mold themselves to match the fashion trend and makes it more viable towards the modern world. In my collection “Fragrance of Orissa Hand-loom” I have tried to bring awareness about the rich hand loom of Orissa and how it can be molded to the modern and contemporary silhouettes. This collection is somewhat close to the thought process which I have gathered during my visit to Orissa. In this collection I have used Bomkai mixed with Cuttacki and Ekat. These are the core fabrics of Orissa with numerous variety and flavor.As Freelance Clothing Designer and busy schedule of my design studio work of Tech Pack Design I get little time to fulfill my dream of working with Indian Hand-loom Weavers.However, when I get little time I get associated with them.

Style On Orange
Black Perl 

Historical Significance of the Fabric Colors and Motifs
"Bomkai" design locally known as "Bandha" design is an Hand loom Technique of Southern Orissa “Sonepur”. The specialty of this fabric is designs on the fabric are created using needle and simple work of needle on Jala (Net Weaving) technique on hand loom. Motifs are influenced by tribal art with Temple patterns border and elegant color palette. The Borders are featured with ornament border. Border motifs are influenced by Temple, Kumbha, Rudraksha etc. Falling Edge of Bomkai fabric pattern on hand Weaved from gold or silver colored silk threads and patters like rukha (pestle, stick), Dombaru, Kanthi Phoola (small flower), Kalera (bitter gourd), Shankha (holy musical instrument) peacock and fish. Bomkai is also famous for Geometrical Tribal Designs. Specialty of Bomkai has its contrast borders, heavy designs with a close relation with Jagannath culture, four basic colors which commonly found on the Cloths of God Jagannath Black, White, Red, Yellow orange and is extensively used in Bomkai fabrics. The design and color palette makes Bomkai stand out.

Orange Balloon
Red Rose
This presentation of Orissa Fabrics is just beginning and Our Fashion Studio is working and trying to support the Hand-Loom Weavers Through designs and trying to show how hand-loom can be used not only for saries but also for western outfits. The motive of this blog is to convey and show the benefits, of those Eco friendly fabrics and  handicrafts in European Fashion World and also American and other western countries fashion a Freelance Fashion Designer and with no other support I have tried to make use of it in the best possible way and there would be a lot more coming up in my upcoming collection.


  1. Great Work Paromita and your study is quite deep rooted I must say.I would love to order your stuffs for my store in LA and would love to spread about your work among my friends in the Fashion Industry. As a Freelance Fashion Designer what you have done independently many people think twice to do it in life.

  2. I not only enjoyed working with Paromita from a personal level but would recommend and vouch for her work as a Freelance Fashion Designer.I often would collaborate with Paromita on projects that I was working on and she always had a valuable perspective and good insight when it comes to Creativity and Technical Design feasibility with any design. I would love to work with Paromita again and again as she exudes qualities such as honesty, integrity, hard working, drive and passion for creativity and Tech Pack Design skills.

  3. Paromita, My wife is interested in the black dress (picture #2). How can we get this in the US?